The Most Amazing Tequilas You Can Drink Right Now 

from Complex


Qui Tequila

If you opt to celebrate National Tequila Day with a shot of rack tequila and a wilted slice of lime, you're not making the right life choices.

A fine tequila does not require you to lap up a rim's worth of Morton's salt for it to be palpable, nor does it need to be saturated with a sea of sugar-laden sour mix. On a day devoted to the agave-based spirit that keeps you going all night long (pause), do youself a solid and get aquainted with tequilas of a different class. Leave the gold-coloring behind, and embrace the next-level of no-salt-or-saccarine required tequilas. 

Don't let this tequila's translucent appearance fool you. Its been aged for over three years in Bordeaux barrels, so it's smooth, and full of character. Yes, this is the extra añejo of the future.


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