1) The In-Store Tasting Event

Objective of the Store Tasting

·  As a Qui ambassador, your main objective is to sell as many bottles as possible during your in store sampling event, and your compensation is tied to this. The key to success is simple, the more people you sample, the more bottles you will sell. 

·  Build a good relationship with the store managers and employees

·  Allow the store employees and management to hear the positive reaction to the product from unbiased consumers

·  Represent the brand in a meaningful way with lots of great energy

·  Have customers take home a bottle (or several) of Qui Tequila

2) Initial Set Up

When arriving to the store, ask for the manager, introduce yourself and ask to be set up with an area to conduct the tasting.  Your success at the store location can depend on your location within the store.  Therefore, politely ask to be placed at the front of the store if possible. 


Materials Needed

  • 2oz Cups (50-100)

  • Fresh Limes

  • Agave Nectar

  • Mixing cup

  • Lime Squeezer

  • Ice Bucket

  • Table Cloth



3) The Approach - Introducing Customers to Qui -- PAV (Product, Awards, Value)

   a. Product: Start by introducing customers to Qui and why it is so unique

  • Customers should be approached as they walk into the store, and invite them to try a new sipping tequila: Qui, the World’s First Platinum Extra Añejo

    •  Walk the customer through what an Extra-Añejo means: the rarest vintage of a tequila.  After the tequila is made, it is then barrel aged for 3 years - in order to be called an Extra Añejo. Qui is actually aged for 3.5 years in French Bordeaux (Bore-Doh) and American Whiskey barrels. This gives Qui tremendous flavor, character and a beautiful aroma, and its' signature hazelnut, vanilla and butterscotch characteristics.

    • After aging, Qui comes out of the barrels a golden amber color, with incredible flavor and aroma from aging for so long.  So why is it clear??

      • After this aging process, Qui goes through a unique process where it is filtered 9 times and redistilled a third time, to give it a crystal clear color, but more importantly, to take away any bite and give it an incredibly smooth finish.

That's why Qui Tequila is the first and only clear extra añejo tequila in the world!

  • Typically other clear tequilas haven't been aged for a single day (silver/blanco tequilas). Therefore, Qui will have much more flavor than an a typical clear tequila, and a much smoother finish.

  • At this point, let the customer know you would like for them to sample Qui 2 ways (neat and as an elegant cocktail):

    • Neat or over an ice cube; and

    • Mixed with fresh lime juice and a touch of agave nectar. 

      • Explain to the customer that the reason you are showing them how it mixes is because the tequila is an incredibly smooth sipping tequila, you don't need to use sour mix or margarita mix to create an elegant cocktail - just simple, fresh ingredients. 

      • Explain that you are using equal parts - Qui Tequila & Citrus - with a touch of agave nectar. 

      • Offer the customer other ways they can make mixed drinks at home such as muddling cucumber and jalapeño, or adding a splash of ginger beer, or grapefruit juice.

b.   Awards: Once the customer has had a chance to try Qui, let them know the authorities think it is an excellent tequila as well! (See links in bold below)

  • Qui was named one of the Five Best Bottles to Buy Now by the Wall Street Journal

  • Qui was named by Mens Journal as one of the 18 Best Tequilas in the World!

  • Qui won the Gold Medal in the Spirits of the Americas Competition                                                                     

c. Value: Once you've walked the customer through the liquid, and the awards, educate the customer about the Value of Qui

As the rarest vintage, most Extra Añejo tequilas retail for $200 a bottle and up (Don Julio Real $350, Herradura Selecion $400, Patron Extra Añejo $400, Jose Cuervo Reserva La Familia $200), Qui which beat these other brands in the Spirits of the Americas Competition is priced at a much more accessible price point of a suggested retail price of $59.99 a bottle.

4) Closing the Sale

  • If the store you are working with is selling Qui below our suggested retail price of $59.99 let the customer know that the store is offering an additional discount below our suggested retail price and state the lower price they are offering it.

  • Lastly, make the ask - once you've introduced the liquid, discussed the awards, and educated the customer about the value, make the ask!

    • Use one of the following to close the sale: 

      • Can I take a bottle up to the register for you?

      • Would you like to take advantage of the special price today?